Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Reflection: 48 Hours of Eating

The out line of this blog reflection is to:

1) Write down your food intake over the last 48 hours.
2) Identify what foods I eat regularly?
3) What environmental concerns relate to my diet?

1) For the past two days breakfast has involved a mix of Vector cereal with Rice Krispies and two piece of buttered toast coupled with a glass of orange juice. Mid way through each day for lunch I had a 4 inch-ish pre-made turkey sandwich from Superstore (they were on sale so I treated myself). On Saturday I also toasted a bagel and applied cream cheese. Both days I sampled from a tub of neon sour gummy worms I have (5 or so worms a day). Supper for Saturday wasn't very healthy as I went with a friend to see a movie and binged on popcorn and soda. Sunday however included chicken fingers (the coating etc was home made) along with potatoes cut into small pieces and seasoned (once again, home made). Fried rice with cabbage and a glass of milk rounded dinner off. Dessert on both days involved a chocolate donut (of which I had another one earlier in the day both Saturday and Sunday).

2) Foods I eat regularly are toasted bagels with cream cheese, a cookie or two, some potato product for supper (its potatoes, you can do anything with them!), pork and chicken. Milke and orange juice and water.

3) Well if you read my previous post you can imagine the issues involving meat that occur. For the turkey sanwhiches there is also the added issue of how far the item had to be shipped as well as the process of making it.

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