Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Reflection: Art Work of Andy Goldsworthy

This man has a very unique talent. Most people think of trees and an open field as nature art, but Goldsworth redefines how we look at nature in my opinion. He takes things as simple as leaves and creates very abstract murals ranging from flowers made of fall leaves to bizarre and undecidable craft work.
In this video Goldsworth talks about the connection he feels with his work. He says he feels like he doesn't know himself if he goes for a few weeks without working on some project and he when he talks about his work its like he's referring to someone else.
My favorite pieces are what I call "pine cones". At about 1:35 in this video , you see stacks of rock and ice that create odd egg-like structures. I don't know why but these fascinate me. The pine cone shape makes it seem like a weird tree species dropped it there and I can almost see s squirrel trying to store one for the winter.
At the beginning of the second video mentioned is a depression in a the ground that is filled with so many colours you think a rainbow was spilt there.
There are other works to such as the arranging of colourful bird feathers and a scene in a video where he lays on the ground, and when he gets up the top soil is taken up by his body leaving a perfect filled in outline of him on the ground.
One truly amazing creation was a man made beaver like den of wood that he set sail down a river. It was like a natural house boat that a animal could use on a cross country drift.
What Goldsmith does as a hobby, nay, way of life completely turns our perception of nature on its head. Sure his art work could never appear in such amazing formations on its own, but its still natural. No man made products or alterations, just simple by products and pieces of the environment rearranged. Below I have pasted in some images from an online catalogue of Goldsworth images from this site This is but a small taste below of the volumes of artwork he has created.

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