Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Reflection: - What future would you like to see for the Alberta Tar Sands project?

I understand that the world is going to need more oil for a long time before it weens itself of the stuff. We will have to fins and develop more oil wells to keep ourselves going regardless of how quickly we implement sustainable energy practices. However we should be going about handling our oil addiction in the best way possible. We should be above merely taking whatever we can get our hands on. The dirty oil from the sands is looked upon by even oil companies as a poor source of the much needed fuel. There are numerous other wells in the world where we have free flowing oil that is far less harmful (still not good though) to the environment to obtain and process. I think we should cease oil sands production immediately and concentrate on replacing the sands with a "friendlier" source for oil. Since we are going to need oil for a long time yet we should at least try to restrain ourselves by only going after what we can get easily and with the least possible threat to the environment.

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