Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Criteria of Solid Reasoning

The 7 Criteria are: Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Breadth, Depth and Logic. This post is concerned with how well the media handles these criteria.
Well Swine Flu is an example of how the media does not always do well in the clarity, accuracy and precision department. When H1 N1 first hit the television screen and airwaves no one was alerted to the fact that Swine Flu has nothing to do with pigs. Even if that information was unavailable at the time, the Media should have at least stated that they were unsure of the connection - if any - to pigs. By the time the media got around to clearing up the confusion many pig farmers were in trouble.
Logic should have dictated to the media that people would put "Swine flu" and "pigs / pork products" together in a flash and that the pork industry could be harmed through this connection. Without enough depth in a story the public may focus on a single idea (true or untrue) and almost develop a tunnel vision that can lead whole countries off in the wrong direction.
The media has a responsibility to not only tell the worlkd what they know, but also tell people what they don't know. An entire indusrty felt alot of strain because of the missinformed public view of Swine Flu and its non-existant connection with the animal that shares its name.

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