Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reflection: Exploring the Human – Environment Connection

The question put forth by the teacher was : Is a deeper connection to nature likely to influence our decisions, Management, Resource use, Waste generation and Values?

If we are deeply connected to nature we are more likely to rule in favor of nature in an argument or decision making process. This is because we have formed a bond and that bond will tend to sway our decision making because it has altered or enforced our personal values. For management decision we may see more companies and people investing in green technology and immersing their businesses in more eco-friendly workplaces. A deeper connection to nature will cause more and more people to reduce their resource consumption and or look towards less harmful alternatives to fossil fuels. The same can be said for waste generation. People will feel a greater need to cut down on hazardous wastes or just waste in general. A deeper connection to nature will change our values from being more economically and self oriented, to being more outward and world conscientious.

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