Monday, January 18, 2010

David Suzuki's: The Sacred Balance

The documentary The Sacred Balance talks about how man and nature are intertwined together and how everything within nature itself is linked. TSB describes the 4 elements Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Water is where life started, and still continues to thrive. Even through we are land based creatures, humans begin life in water in the womb, thus we start out where all life started and then emerge into a different world. The air - or atmosphere - carries the gasses and some elements that are essential to life all over the world, a readily available supply of nutrients that is always on hand. The atmosphere also hold the heat and energy the fires of the sun gives off, providing the energy life needs to exist, in both plant and animal form. Fire is used by both man an nature to help recycle nutrients back into the soil to help give nutrients to new life and aid in maintaining the biodiversity within the earth. TSB also takes a look at a few ancient cultures and how they each view life and the cycle of the Earth. In all they believe that everything is linked and that every action has a consequence. A Hydrological Engineer in India named Veer Bahdra Mishra gave his view on how man and nature should live together. He said that Science and Technology make up the bank on one side of the river, and Religion and Tradition make up the bank on the other side. Only if both banks are firm may the river maintain the flow. Essentially, we need to balance new age thinking with traditional teachings if we, humans, are to help maintain the abundance of the Earth.

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